• Thursday 31/10/13

    Thursday 31/10/13

    MOBILITY – Lats Traps WOD – “Zombie WOD” 4 Rounds 10 Pull Ups 15 Burpees onto a plate 200m Med Ball Carry 20 Box jumps with Med ball For every multiple of 7 Mins that passes while you are doing the WOD, add 10 burpee’s onto a plate at the end.

  • Wednesday 30/10/13

    Wednesday 30/10/13

    WOD- “Murph” 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push Ups 300 Squats 1 Mile Run After the 1 Mile run, the four exercises are allowed to be partitioned in anyway you like. Finish the WOD with a 1 Mile Run.

  • Tuesday 29/10/13

    Tuesday 29/10/13

    SKILL- L Sit  progressions (10Mins) 4x max effort L Sit’s WOD – “20Min AMRAP” 7 HSPU 12 L sit P. Ups (these should be done strict dead hang)