• Friday 1st: BodyFit :)

    Friday 1st: BodyFit :)

    Skills: 10 minutes EEM 1x Length cartwheels, change sides half way, EOM Hollow rock hold max Strength: 5×5 Front Squat Metcon: 18 minute AMRAP 200m KB Heavy Farmers walk 32/24kg each side, 10x ring dips (scale to boxdips), 20x hang squat cleans 55/35kg (scale to power)

  • Thursday 30th: BodyFit :)

    Thursday 30th: BodyFit :)

    Strength: 5x 5-10 strict pullups (weighted if poss, or scale back to bands if needed) alternate with 5×10 (10 each side)KB single leg Romanian deadlifts Metcon: “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders, Butterfly situps (scale double unders back to single skips and double the number)

  • Wednesday 29th: BodyFit :)

    Wednesday 29th: BodyFit :)

    Skills: Bar muscleup tech/progression/sets Strength: 5×6 Backsquat Metcon: 5 rounds 2 minutes to complete 200m run and max burpee boxjumps 60/50cm, 1 minute rest inbetween (score is total burpee boxjumps)