• Tuesday 1st: CrossFit :)

    Tuesday 1st: CrossFit :)

    Skills: Windmills x5 each side, 3 sets increase weight. Strength: 5×5 Shoulder press Metcon: Tabata 20 sec work / 10 sec rest x 8 Power Clean 60/40kg 1 min hollow rock hold Front Squat 60/40kg 1 min hollow rock hold Push Press 60/40kg Mobility: Shoulders

  • Monday 31st: CrossFit :)

    Monday 31st: CrossFit :)

    Skills: Core stabilization, hollow rocks Strength: 5×3 Back Squat Metcon: For time 400m run 40x overhead squats 20/15kg 400m run 30x overhead squats 25/20kg 400m run 20x overhead squats 30/25kg 400m run 10x overhead squats 35/30kg Mobility: Lots of it! 🙂

  • Friday 28th: CrossFit :)

    Friday 28th: CrossFit :)

    Skills: Handstands, HPSU, hand stand walking, freestanding handstands Metcon: Bottom to bottom Tabata Squats 1km run. Finisher: Game 🙂 Mobility: Hip openers and hamstrings