• Tuesday 1st March: CrossFit :)

    Tuesday 1st March: CrossFit :)

    Skills: Candlesticks Strength : Build to a heavy triple PushPress WOD: 12 min ladder 3,6,9,12… etc Hang Snatch 40/25kg Box Jump Overs 60/50cm

  • Monday 29th: CrossFit :)

    Monday 29th: CrossFit :)

    Skills: Bar Muscle up progression 4 rounds 4 x unbrocken BMU or 6 C2B, 8 high wall balls. Strength: 15 min to find 1RM for Following Complex: Power Clean, Squat Clean, Front Squat Metcon: 20 minutes EEM: 8x t2b + 8x front squat 60/40 EOM: 8x k2e + 8x thruster

  • Friday 26th: CrossFit :)

    Friday 26th: CrossFit :)

    *Remember the CrossFit Open has started and we will be doing 16.1 at 5.30pm tonight and 11am Sunday morning 🙂 Skills: 12min EMOM 1. 6-8 ring dips 2. 2x HSPU technique 3. 6-8 K2E Strength: 8min EMOM 3x TNGO Power Snatch (increase weight each set) Metcon: 4 rounds for time 15x back squat 60/40kg 10x