• Sunday Super Circuit

    About Sunday Super Circut

    Wake up your Sunday with this dynamic, high intensity, total body circuit. Featuring movements you’ll encounter in our Crossfit classes as well as other exercise styles


    • Todd Bartlett


    • Body Weighted movements
    • Kettlebells
    • Dumbells
    • Medicine balls
    • Barbells
    • ]Functional movement
  • RingFit

    About Cameron RingFit

    RingFit teaches the “science behind the punch” and boxing as a sport.  Whether you are considering having a corporate fight or simply wanting to learn to punch correctly for a BoxFit class, RingFit offers more one-one-one time with the instructor.
    Bookings are essential (max. of 12 people per class).
    Book at reception or online to secure your spot.


    • Ben Williams
    • Nikolas Charalampous
    • Ricky Murphy


    • Boxing fundamentals
    • Bag work
    • Pad work
    • Skill work
    • Foot work
    • Skipping work
  • KidFit


    About Cameron KidFit

    KidFit – General fitness and conditioning made fun, kid-friendly



    Dr John McKay

  • MumFit

    About Cameron MumFit

    Want to be a super mum? This is the class for you! We focus on toning, weight loss, strengthening, well-being, and general fitness. Ladies only, babies and kids are welcome. So that Mums can work out and attend their babies and kids when needed.


    • Joelene Neville


    • Strength
    • Conditioning
    • Functional movements
    • Accessory work
    • Core Exercises
    • Toning
    • Lots of fun, babies and children welcome.
  • BoxFit


    About Cameron BoxFit

    BoxFit – an all-level, fun circuit training class with full body Boxing-style workouts.


    • Shane Cameron
    • Stu Ramsey
    • Todd Bartlet
    • Leigh Fletcher
    • Ricky Murphy
    • David Bason
    • Nikolas Charalampous
    • Alistair Boyd
    • Shay Brock
    • Ben Williams


    • Technique Work
    • Explosive Plyometrics
    • Speed Training
    • Core Exercises
    • Bag Work
    • Body Weight Exercises
    • Pad Work
    • Endurance Exercise

    Pricing Plan

    • Unlimited Sessions: Membership
  • CrossFit


    About Cameron CrossFit

    CrossFit was developed to improve individuals competency at all physical tasks. It is, constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. It’s not a specialized fitness program, rather an attempt to improve ability in many areas of fitness, from cardiovascular endurance, strength and power all the way though to balance and flexibility.

    At Cameron CrossFit, our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. The program is designed for universal scalability – this means anyone can do it! You’ll find people on all sorts of awesome journeys in our classes – busy parents, students, athletes of multiple sporting disciplines, your everyday Joe Bloggs right through to your competitive CrossFit athlete.

    If you’re new to CrossFit, our coaches will educate you in proper form and technique via a mandatory Induction Program. This program is up to 3 sessions long, held at a time convenient to you. There are 9 CrossFit foundational movements that each athlete must learn and prove competency in before moving on to the class environment. Each member will have to successfully finish the Induction Program or in the case of a seasoned CrossFitter, there is an option to fast track!

    Our classes are based on a group workout environment and we’d encourage you to come in and trial our class dedicated to new members!

    Contact us for CrossFit prices.



    • Joelene Neville (Level 1 Certified)
      5 years experience
    • Tegan Bartlett (Level 1 Certified)
      5 years experience
    • Briahn Stewart (Level 1 Certified)
      5 years experience
    • Puawai Munro-Halkyard (Level 1 Certified)
      6 years experience
    • Features

    • Strength Training
    • Explosive Plyometrics
    • Speed Training
    • Olympic Power Lifting
    • Kettle Bells
    • Body Weight Exercises
    • Gymnastics
    • Endurance Exercise